How to Make Your Penis Bigger?

Sex has always been among the most fantasized things in any and all of the civilizations. The deeper subjects of these fantasies, however, may be quite varied – from the desire of the shapes of breasts to the size of a penis to whatnot. Now, while many comments about penis growth and enlargement techniques have been scorned upon and dismissed as fiction and peculiar fantasies, the “bigger dick” in question has never quite lost its popularity. This is something that’s interesting since, as surveys state, women are more satisfied with their partner’s penis size[1] than men themselves are. As it is, penis size shame[2] and enlargement remedies become more of a thing among men and with hardly any female involvement. Therefore, if it matters so, the question stays —

Table of Contents

  • How to Increase Penis Size?
  • Inconclusive, Why?
  • So, Are There Any Steps for Natural Penis Enlargement?
  • What are the Actual Steps for Penis Enlargement?
    • Penis girth surgery
    • Penis length surgery
    • Liposuction
  • Conclusion
  • Refrences

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How to Increase Penis Size?

Increase Penis Size

While just about all of the steps and methods you can learn about online on googling “how to get a big dick” are farce if nothing else, they’re not wrong when they say that no matter your size, using Viagra (sildenafil citrate) guarantees you the best sex life. Other than that, there can be numerous exercises – ranging from this and that to Kegel, or pelvic floor exercises – and almost all of those help in improving your penile health, although not explicitly the size.

So, at a time when the thoughts of natural penis growth and how to make it look bigger are in trend, in truth, it isn’t that important. Come to sizes, one mustn’t really worry too much about that for various reasons, including:

  • As mentioned above, women aren’t too worried about their male partners’ penis size. Instead, they’re more concerned about performance, which may have nothing to do with penis enlargement.
  • A study performed on penis size in Australia stated that it interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness[3] and implied that worrying about how to make your penis bigger with or without pills is mostly inconclusive and almost always a waste of time.

Inconclusive, Why?

Thousands of websites claim to have found remedies and they keep telling you how to naturally make your penis bigger, with your hand, that is, recommending stretching or jelqing. This involves the use of your hand for massaging the tissues across the penis or pulling your penis repeatedly using your index finger and thumb while it is flaccid. The simple aim is to increase the erection size as a consequence of stretching the skin, which leads to the formation of “micro-tears” in the penile tissue. As the tissues then heal, they have an engorged appearance, which makes the penis look longer. Such websites also tend to advise you on how to increase penis girth and make your penis head bigger, but just about as inconclusively as they do in the case of the former procedure. 

At other times, there can also be found recommendations for the use of vacuum devices and penile extenders, the latter of which has been perceived to give only mixed results at most. According to a comment, some patients using such devices for 6 months may have noticed a gain in the size of 1-2 cm[4]; whereas a 2011 study says some patients gained up to an inch when they wore them for up to nine hours a day for three months.[5] Other studies in 2013[6] and 2016[7] concluded that the traction or stretching devices were useful for rectifying the unusual curving of the penis and other deformities, instead of increasing its length.

Moreover, the potential risk involved can affect both your desire for sex and your performance while you’re at it. As it is, improper stretching or insensitive use of stretching devices can lead to, for prolonged durations:

  • Itching
  • Numbness
  • Red spots on the surface
  • Bruising and, sometimes, even discoloration
  • Vein rupture

So, Are There Any Steps for Natural Penis Enlargement?

Unfortunately, no! Despite the plethora of exercises, pills, and devices being promoted with the sheer notion of growing your penis and making it longer, there are no natural methods to promote penis enlargement, i.e., with or without pills.

However, since the size still holds value, there are other better ways with no considerable risk for the growth of the penis. These include different surgeries with different effects.

What are the Actual Steps for Penis Enlargement?

The surgeries that are performed to improve penis size and appearance include:

Penis girth surgery

Penis girth surgery

As the name suggests, this form of surgery is performed to increase the girth or thickness of the penis and it can employ two different approaches.

The first, certified approach involves injecting some fat into the penis. This fat is taken from another part of the body. Studies have reported this method as successful with an increase in the circumference of the penis ranging from 1.4 to even 4 cm.[8]

However, this approach has been questioned by studies that followed up on the men who had the surgery. The results were concluded as being disappointing, with a variety of complications, which included but were not limited to lumpiness, scarring, and infection.

Another issue regarding the injection of fat is its reabsorption by the body. As a result, the penis returns to its original size before long.

The second approach, which is yet in its experimental stage, employs the use of a tube-like biodegradable frame filled with tissue cells, which is wrapped around the shaft. Because of their long-lasting effects, biodegradable frames are seen as being more efficient than fat injections.

Penis length surgery

Penis length surgery

This surgery involves performing a skin graft at the base of the penis after the ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone is cut. This allows for an extra length of about 2 cm to a flaccid penis but there is no actual increase in the size of the erection.

Many men have been known to opt for it but the downside is that the erect penis will no longer point as high as it did before the operation. This is because there is no support to the penis at its base since the ligament was cut.



Liposuction is more so for men with large bellies. This surgical procedure involves the removal of fat present below the abdomen and, as a result, the penis may look larger. It is so because the removal of an extra amount of fat from around the pubic area gives the penis a more prominent appearance.


So to say, there is no proper answer to the question “how to make your penis bigger fast (or even slowly)” — at least no said natural one — except for surgery, as mentioned. However, as various studies also suggest, the “big dicks” promoted by porn industries are mostly fantasies and a very unnatural prospect, since the size of your dick is always in proper proportion with your body. It’s foolish to opt for inconclusive and harmful steps for the sake of achieving nothing. Instead, opt for performance – choose sildenafil citrate tablets to last longer in bed.

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