How to Increase Semen Volume

Our body is the machine that works mostly on love and the food fuel, which is why the issues that it faces at times can often be resolved with better fuel and a bit of care. From morning issues to the ones that disturb during the night, all have their solutions there. In general, the semen volume in males ranges from 2 ml to 5 ml every time they ejaculate. So to say, talking about how to increase the semen volume naturally, for better nightly experiences, what you can begin with are the following.

Table of Contents

  • #1. Involve yourself regularly in exercise:
  • #2. Have plenty of continuous sleep:
  • #3. Fall for the right diet:
  • #4. Quit smoking and/or drinking
  • #5. Go for cold showers
  • #6. Keep yourself relaxed
  • References

#1. Involve yourself regularly in exercise:

regular exercise

Now, this is a real thing when it comes to it in the list of ways to increase semen volume. As with all else, keeping yourself fit is one essential thing and exercising is the best activity for doing so in all spheres of life. Plus, to let you have the relief, any exercise for keeping fit doesn’t have to be heavy in any manner, only should it have consistency. Follow-up with some light activities every day to boost your health up. Walk regularly, play often, etc., and keep away from things that necessarily harm you in some manner. It has been found in studies that regular exercises positively affect the sperm count; however, very strenuous exercises can be bad.[1]

#2. Have plenty of continuous sleep:

plenty of sleep

Sleep is just another important bit – this is when the body oils itself up, treats the wounds, clears the dirt, etc. To clarify, around six hours of deep sleep is recommended for any average person. Moreover, it doesn’t mean bouts of it – deep sleep is what is advised for proper results because that’s when the whole body is at ease and the brain focuses on preparing it for every next day. Deep sleep is supposed to be when every organ in the body gets refreshed, and, as a result, semen concentration and the amount are also worked upon.

#3. Fall for the right diet:

While it might be true that water – more than food – affects your semen since semen is most parts water and mostly the rest of it is sperm, varieties of foods do act as supplements that increase semen volume. Not just the volume, it’s understood that your semen texture also depends on your food habits[2], which is why different men have been known to have different semen texture. Now, if you’re not sure about what to eat and how to increase semen quantity (volume) and improve your performance, here’s a list of what can prove to be good for you:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Walnuts
  • Whole wheat and other grains
  • Milk (vitamin D enhanced) and milk products
  • Fish, especially cod, haddock, and wild salmon
  • Garlic
  • Bananas
  • Dark chocolate
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Fermented seeds and nuts
  • Turmeric and asparagus

As is obvious, it is understood that increase in semen volume is promoted by zinc and folic acid, which are present in the green vegetable broccoli, whereas garlic is indispensable singularly because of its zinc content. Similarly, other items here are rich in their own manners, including asparagus and turmeric, which are rich in vitamin C, and nuts, seeds, whole grains, and dairy products, all of which are rich in arginine, an amino acid, known to increase semen volume.

To add to these, there are a few other things – herbs, to be precise – that may help increase semen volume. These include:

  • Fenugreek, the supplements of which have often been linked to an increase in testosterone amounts
  • Ashwagandha, the herb understood to be super beneficial by increasing semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility
  • Maca root is another herb supplement, the treatment with which has been found to result in increased seminal (semen) volume, sperm count, and its motility.[3]

Try also to look for soy foods and include them in your diet. Soya is known to contain a good amount of phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), and lecithin can be produced from such sources, which is also known to help with an increase in the number of sperms and semen volume.

#4. Quit smoking and/or drinking

Quit smoking

Now that we’ve discussed our vitamin and mineral intake, it’s important to understand also what to stop doing. And, as in many other cases, smoking tops the list. Studies have found that it is associated with substantial decreases in:

  • sperm density – around 15.3%
  • total sperm count – around 17.5%, and
  • total motile sperm – around 16.6%

The studies, of course, compare the figures in relation to various non-smokers that participate in their surveys. As it is, even the morphology of your sperm along with the ejaculate volume is considerably affected by your habit of smoking. Of course, all of this also varies according to your degrees of addiction.[4]

Similar is the case for the ones that drink alcoholic beverages. Now, while regulated amounts of alcohol can even be considered healthy and looked at as a food supplement, going astray regarding the daily average can be quite harmful – not only for the rest of your body, including its organ systems but also for your sperm and seminal fluid. As it is, the recommended moderate amount of alcohol for consumption is about two drinks per day, but if you bottle down on days at times, it is certain that that will cause quite so much harm.

#5. Go for cold showers

cold showers

There’s a basic reason here, and that is the normal temperature that the testes accept – it has to be 2-3 degrees Celsius lower than the body temperature at any time. A rise of 3 °C (5.4 °F) harshly affects the viability of the sperm.[5] As it is, warm baths kind of guarantee such an increase and equilibrium of warmth between the body and the testicles. So, while cold showers may not promise an increase in the semen volume, it’s better to opt for them to maintain your current volume and not risk losing that. And to the positive, cooler testes have been known to be the perfect haven for sperm production – they have quite a strong effect on the DNA processes that cause the production of sperm, thus resulting in higher sperm volume, motility, and movement.

#6. Keep yourself relaxed

Keep yourself relaxed

A lot of our issues are related to the psychosomatic responses given by our body – your mental conditions decide your physical performances. It’s just the same here too. Keep yourself stress-free, and your performance is destined to improve. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for proper sleep and proper care of your body when it comes to it.

Now, alongside drinking more water to increase the semen volume per ejaculation, these are some great options to go for. However, there are also other factors that decide whether your achieved high semen volume increases pregnancy chances. These include sperm motility, morphology, and count, as mentioned above, and while our food habits supplement all of these, different factors affect us differently. In which case, you can get in touch with your doctor and discuss using AndroGel, which is a medicated gel containing testosterone to help you increase semen volume.

Other options include practicing various methods to perform better and schedule your things accordingly. Get in touch with a professional who can help you decide your daily exercises and balanced diet for the same.

Finally, there’s this other thing that can also be generally beneficial in helping you achieve the milestone – Shoot Ropes, which is designed to show you how to increase your semen volume for better sex.

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